Sleepy Hollow United Methodist Church
Monday, July 16, 2018

Vigil at the Tomb (VatT)

From Good Friday evening until Easter morning, volunteers from Sleepy Hollow United Methodist Church dressed as soldiers during the period of Christ’s ministry on earth guard the entrance of a tomb built on the edge of the hill alongside Sleepy Hollow Road.  Greeters explain to visitors what the guards were doing, and also tell them about the Palm/Passion/Easter story.  An the hour before dawn on Easter, an angel and woman replace the guards at the opened tomb.

Some comments and observations during past years event:

“The best experience for me was the woman who came with her young son on Saturday afternoon. I asked if they knew the Easter story, and she replied that they had just read about it and had come to Sleepy Hollow Church to experience it.”

“I thought it was spectacular and the responses were inspiriting”

“I felt it made Easter more meaningful because we made an effort to tell the story outside the walls”

“I shared the photos with friends and family around the country. Everyone who responded was moved by the idea.”

“Whether the Resurrection was on their minds at that time, or not, wasn't clear (guards couldn't talk) but I was sure eventually they would talk about the tomb when those pictures were shown to others. A well played scene for the Son of God.”

“Different than the Easter egg hunt“

“One family of four (father, mother and a teenager boy and girl) approached the tomb and went down on the knees thanking God for what he had done for us”

“When the bible story comes to life, it is a sight to see. It certainly was that!!. It makes me think.. GO TELL IT ON THE MOUNTAIN. We are doing it from a hill (Our little mountain on Sleepy Hollow road. People are seeing and believing.. Jesus is risen. HE IS RISEN INDEED!!!”

“ …I was surprised to witness the many cars passing by giving us the thumbs up sign. A sure sign they understood the real meaning of the Church guarding the tomb.”

This event takes the scripture out onto the front lawn for everyone to see!  We follow our United Methodist tradition of taking the light out of the sanctuary at the end of the worship service.